Sri Lanka hosts 2nd South Asian High Energy Physics Instrumentation Workshop

30 01 2019 CERN

At a luncheon gathering today (30.01.2019) of European Organization for Nuclear Physics (CERN) representatives & South Asian diplomats hosted by Sri Lanka, Ambassador Azeez emphasized the importance of networking between South Asian scientific community and CERN, as well as among scientific communities in the wider region. He said this would enable scientific advances to enhance South Asian countries' individual and collective capacities to contribute to the effective realization of SDGs and the empowerment of all people. 

The second South Asian High Energy Instrumentation Workshop (SAHEPI - 2) will take place in Sri Lanka from 20 - 21 February 2019, co-hosted by Ministry Science, Technology and Research and CERN. 


Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka


30th January 2018

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