Registration of Death outside Sri Lanka

Death of a Sri Lankan national may be registered with the Consulate General and an application for this purpose may be made by a nearest relative of the deceased or any person, who was either present at the time of the death, or in attendance during the last illness of the deceased or who took action to dispose the body of the deceased by burial, cremation on by any other means.

Any application made after one year from the date of the death, will be forwarded to the Department of Registrar General in Colombo for approval.

Required Documents
(NB: The original documents should be submitted with photo copies) :

1. A duly filled application form
2. The death certificate issued by the Swiss Authority
3. Any other documents related to the death, issued by Swiss Authorities
4. Birth Certificate, valid Passport and valid visa of the deceased at the time of the
5. If the human remains have been buried/cremated in Switzerland, a report issued
    by the Swiss authorities to that effect. (If the human remains have been
    repatriated to Sri Lanka for burial/cremation, the death certificate has to be
    obtained from the Department of Registrar General). 
6. If the application for registration of death was made after three months, a letter
explaining the reasons for such delay must be attached.
7. The original passport and visa of the person who submitted the documents for
    registration of the death.
8. Consular fee of CHF 30.00


Application for Death Registration - under 3 months

Application for Death Registration - over 3 months




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