Health measures to be followed in repatriation of human remains to Sri Lanka

Step I: 

Parents/family member or spouse of the deceased has to make a written request with an affidavit to this Mission through the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka.

Please note that NOK of the deceased in Sri Lanka should give consent to receive the human remains and undertake burial arrangements. An Affidavit should be signed in this regard [affidavit has to be filled by the NOK and has to be attested by a J P expressing his /her wish i.e whether he /she willing to get the human remains repatriated to Sri Lanka or not] and submit to; the Consular Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2nd Floor, Ceylinco Building, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo. 01, Sri Lanka. Tel: 011-9411-2446302 / 5743362/ Fax: 011-9411-2473899, e-mail :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    , prior to the dispatch of human remains.

Step II 

In order to provide no objection letter from the Mission please bring the following documentations. 

  1. Original Sri Lankan passport of the deceased and valid visa. (To verify identification and to cancel the passport)


  1. Death certificate issued by the coroner including the cause of death( it is essential to see the cause of death).In case cause of death is not available in the death certificate, a document verifying cause of death, issued by the health authority should  present) 


  1. Certificate issued by the health authorities for certifying the remains for non-contagious diseases (including Covid 19)-This certificate is mandatory. (If the the body is identified covid infected no remain will be allowed to Sri Lanka) 


  1. Authorization to close the coffin (issued by funeral undertakers/agent) 


  1. Coffin certificate-issued by the funeral undertakers/agent (No human remain should be arrived in Sri Lanka unless such corps have been embalmed and enclosed in a coffin or hard wood with lead or zinc lining (sealed). Hermetically sealed with lead or zinc lining with suitable disinfectants (i.e Chloride or lime zinc sulphate mixed with sawdust, filling the empty spaces with the coffin)


  1. Embalming certificate (issued by the funeral undertakers/agent) / document issued certifying that the body is secured with necessary preservation requirements. 
  1. Authorization to repatriate remains (issued by the Swiss authorities)  

Please kindly be informed that only the nominated person by the NoK will be issued the "no objection" certificate along with the cancelled passport upon submission of his/her identification. 


"No objection" letter is issued free of charge.


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