Public Holidays for Sri Lanka Mission in Geneva - 2023

1. 06th January Friday Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day
2. 04th February Saturday Independence Day
3. 07th April Friday Good Friday
4. 10th April Monday Easter Monday
5.. 13th April Thursday Day Prior to Sinhala and Tamil New Year Day
6.. 14th April Friday Sinhala and Tamil New Year Day
7. 22nd April Saturday Id-Ul-Fitr Ramazan Festival Day
8. 05th May Friday Vesak Full Moon Poya day
9. 29th May Monday Whit Monday
10. 1st August Tuesday Swiss National Day
11 07th September Thursday Jeune genevois
12. 12th November Sunday Deepavali Festival Day
13. 25th December Monday  Christmas Day
14. 26th December Tuesday  Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day


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