Sri Lanka says migration cuts across several aspects of development in the SDGs incorporated into the Development Agenda

21 oct 2015 rcp meeting cairo

Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha said that in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are incorporated into the Development Agenda, migration cuts across several aspects of development, including improving the quality of human mobility through well managed migration policies; displacement among issues related to peaceful and inclusive societies and Disaster Risk reduction; address trafficking in a comprehensive manner and action by Finance for Development Action Agenda which deals with remittances. Ambassador Aryasinha made this observation in his opening remarks while he moderated the Session on ‘Reflecting on the outcomes of the 2013 UN high level dialogue on international migration and development with a view to implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development’ of the Fifth Global Meeting of Chairs and Secretariats of Regional Consultative Processes on Migration (RCPs) held on 21st October 2015 in Cairo, Egypt.

Ambassador Aryasinha commended the significant role played by the IOM in actively contributing to the process of formulating the Post-2015 Development Agenda by advocating for migration to be recognized as an essential component of any future development framework and of national development policies and plans.

Ambassador Aryasinha said the eight point agenda for action which emanated from the HLD 2013, has provided a framework to build a better life for migrants in terms of more economic benefits and social protection, and also encourage both labor sending and receiving countries to strengthen the evidence base, national capacities and enhance cooperation and partnerships, to create a better environment for migrants.

The Session also had presentations by Mr. Gregory Maniatis, Advisor to UN Special Representative for Migration; and Senior European Policy Fellow, Migration Policy Institute on the key developments since the 2013 UN high level dialogue on international migration and development and post-2015 development agenda, and by Ms. Sedef Dearing, Senior Regional Adviser, Silk Routes Partnerships Project, Budapest Process Secretariat on the main findings of the study on the role of RCPS in implementing a new global migration and development agenda.

Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka

23 October 2015

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