The World Health Day Message 'Health for All'

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The World Health Day Message
'Health for All'

For the past seven and a half decades, ‘World Health Day,’ has been observed on 7th April under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO), with the overall objective of raising global awareness on physical and mental health, as well as people's well-being, in a bid to enhance public health conditions. This year’s commemoration is of an augmented significance, with the WHO celebrating its 75th anniversary on the same day. My warm felicitations to Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director General and the officials, especially the Representative to Sri Lanka, on this auspicious occasion.  

This event presents the possibility for the WHO and others working on overall health issues to be recognized for their selfless service, as well as to seek additional ways and means of extending improved healthcare nationally, regionally and globally. It is undoubtedly a juncture for the WHO to take stock on its successes and strategies on facing challenges to ensure good health universally.  

The theme of this year's World Health Day, of “Health for All,” is extremely timely, particularly with the COVID-19 Pandemic having severely impacted the well-being of the global population, both physically and mentally. The Pandemic exacerbated the existing health issues worldwide, and it is now opportune for increased international action to ensure global health. 

Sri Lanka has made significant progress in key health indicators, including the eradication of malaria, filariasis, polio and neonatal tetanus, with there also being a steady increase in life expectancy. Regrettably however, Sri Lanka's health system faces challenges from an ageing population, as well as the need to address the burden of non-communicable diseases, which currently claim nearly 75% of all deaths in the country.  

It is noteworthy that Sri Lanka is recognized internationally for its health achievements, while being one of the top performers in Sustainable Development Goal 3 of Good health and well-being. The remaining challenges for its full attainment, also hampered by the unprecedented economic crisis, are being addressed by the Government together with the WHO.  

I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the valuable work and unstinted support to Sri Lanka by the WHO, which undoubtedly would contribute to accomplishing the vision of ‘Health for All’, as a global priority. May this milestone celebration of the WHO, galvanise the institution to further strengthen the execution of its stated mission.  


Ranil Wickremesinghe
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

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