Foreign Minister's Independence Day Message

Today, as Sri Lanka celebrates her 70th Anniversary of Independence, I wish to convey my warm greetings to all Sri Lankans residing in the country as well as in various parts of the world. On this solemn occasion, I would like to pay homage not only to those who fought hard to gain independence, but also to the thousands who subsequently sacrificed their lives to safeguard this independence.

Each anniversary of Independence is an important milestone in our journey for us to reflect on our achievements during the past and evaluate the challenges lying ahead. Sri Lanka, as a nation, can be proud of its performance in the past and its commitment to democratic traditions including the Rule of Law, achievements made in important areas such as education and health as well as the talented human capital of the country, which is its most valuable asset. However, unfortunately, our progress had been hindered and marred by conflict. 

With that traumatic past behind us, all Sri Lankans should now work together, shedding their differences, to create a better future for the generations to come and to compensate for the lost opportunities due to various reasons. We must endeavor to create a new Sri Lanka, where reconciliation and sustainable peace would reign along with economic prosperity. This is the firm resolve that we, as Sri Lankans, must make when we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of our Independence. In this context, the Government is committed to redouble its efforts to meaningfully develop the country with a view to increasing productivity and connectivity, and creating a firm foundation for all Sri Lankans to emerge as a strong nation in the region and the world.

Tilak Marapana, PC, MP 
Minister of Foreign Affairs 
4th February 2018

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