Close of International Airports in Sri Lanka for Inward international passenger flights

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Sri lanka civil aviation

The Sri Lanka Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has notified all online and offline carriers that according to instructions received from the Sri Lanka Health Authorities, all international Airports in Sri Lanka will be closed for operation of inward international commercial passenger flights (i.e arrivals) with effect from 4.00 am on 19 March 2020 (local time in Sri Lanka) until 11.59 pm on 25 March 2020 (local time in Sri Lanka).

The closure will be reviewed by the Sri Lanka Authorities.

During the above mentioned restricted period the following will be permitted:

1. Aircraft Departures with passengers originating from Colombo, Stopovers, transit passengers or visiting tourists.

2. Emergency Diversions to BIA

3. Freighter Operations and humanitarian flights to BIA

4. Technical landings at BIA

5. Inbound ferry flights (without passengers) at BIA

Airlines are strictly instructed to follow the above instructions.